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Elm. Viviana Garden Fence

Elm. Viviana Garden Fence

Ella Spacejam has added a photo to the pool:

Elm. Viviana Garden Fence

The Viviana Garden Fence is available now at the current round of ACCESS! Have a look at the details below the stop by the event to grab yours ♡

「❖Elm. Viviana Garden Fence❖」
↳ Available Options: White Oak + Ebony + Walnut + Maple
» All color packs include a Texture HUD: 3 Metal Details
Arched Gateway//Short – 5Li
Arched Gateway//Tall – 5Li
➥ Tall Door – 5Li
➥ Short Door – 4Li
Tall Driveway Gate – 5Li
Short Driveway Gate – 4Li
» All gate doors open/close on click.
Tall Fence #1 – 1Li
Tall Fence #2 – 1Li
➥ Short Fence #1 – 1Li
➥ Short Fence #2 – 1Li
Tall Post – 1Li
Tall Post[End] – 1Li
Tall Post[Middle] – 1Li
Tall Post[Corner] – 1Li
➥ Short Post – 1Li
➥ Short Post[End] – 1Li
➥ Short Post[Middle] – 1Li
➥ Short Post[Corner] – 1Li
Sloped L – 1Li
Sloped R – 1Li
➥ Tall Curve L – 1Li
➥ Tall Curve R – 1Li
Short Curve L – 1Li
Short Curve R – 1Li
» All items Copy/Mod.

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