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Elm. Eris Wedding Decor

Elm. Eris Wedding Decor

Ella Spacejam has added a photo to the pool:

Elm. Eris Wedding Decor

Live out all your black heart fantasies with the Eris Wedding Decor collection; available now at My Bloody Valentine! Have a look at the release details below, then stop by the event to grab yours.

====Release Details====

Eris "Til’ Death" Arch ⇢ 5Li

Eris Candelabra ⇢ 3Li
↳ Available in Gold, Pewter, Silver.
» 2 Candle Wax options via HUD.

Eris Console Table ⇢ 2Li-7Li
↳ Available in Gold, Pewter, Silver.
↳ Includes 2 styles (with or w.o cloth)
» 5 Draped Cloth options via HUD.

Eris Wedding Cake ⇢ 4Li-6Li
↳ Available in Gold, Pewter, Silver.
↳ Includes 8 styles: Plain, Grooms, Brides, Bride & Groom.
^ 2 versions of each ^
↳ Purchase includes 2 decor slices – 1Li ea.
↳ Gives holdable cake + fork on touch.
» 3 Candle, 3 Cake Stand, 3 Cake Topper options via HUD.

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Thank you so much for the lovely image, Luna ♡


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