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Elm. Camelia Fireplace & String Lights

Elm. Camelia Fireplace & String Lights

Ella Spacejam has added a photo to the pool:

Elm. Camelia Fireplace & String Lights

The Camelia Fireplace + String Lights are available now at ACCESS!

Warmer weather is on the way, keep warm on cooler nights with this dual-sided fireplace in your outdoor space. Perfect for parties or a quiet night with your favorite person, create your ideal garden area for the Spring and Summer months ahead. Have a look at the product details below then stop by the event to check it out ♡

★★★★Product Details★★★★

Camelia Outdoor Fireplace – includes 2 versions
» Available in: Black or White.
↳ Camelia Outdoor Fireplace ⇢ 12Li
↳ Camelia Outdoor Fireplace w/ Vines ⇢ 26Li
↳ Camelia Outdoor Fireplace Vines ⇢ 14Li
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Camelia String Lights
» Available in: Black, Maple, Oak, or White.
» Texture HUD: 2 String Plastic + 3 Lantern Metal
↳ Camelia String Lights ⇢ 2Li
↳ Camelia String Lights ~ Pole ⇢ 2Li
↳ Camelia String Lights ~ Assembled ⇢ 13Li
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Thank you for the gorgeous image, Luna

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