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Elm. Calista & Amara Shelf Sets!

Elm. Calista & Amara Shelf Sets!

Ella Spacejam has added a photo to the pool:

Elm. Calista & Amara Shelf Sets!

Don’t miss out on the latest releases at our mainstore! Grab the stunning Amara Bookshelves for Fifty Linden Friday and the stylish Calista Wall Shelves for Happy Weekend. These shelves are only at weekend sale prices until 13 April 2023, so hurry in and complete your home decor collection today!

✦✦✦Release Details✦✦✦
➥ Elm. Calista Wall Shelves
↳ Available in 4 color options: White, Maple, Walnut & Black
» Calista Shelf Short ⇢ 3Li
» Calista Shelf Long ⇢ 2Li
» Calista Shelf Inner Corner ⇢ 3Li
» Calista Shelf Outer Corner ⇢ 2Li
» Copy/Modify
➥ Elm. Amara Bookshelves
↳ Available in 2 color options: Maple & Walnut
» Amara Bookshelf #1 ⇢ 5Li
» Amara Bookshelf #2 ⇢ 4Li
» Copy/Modify

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