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Dragon – Opalithra, the Shimmering Seraph!

Dragon - Opalithra, the Shimmering Seraph!

MadPea Productions has added a photo to the pool:

Dragon - Opalithra, the Shimmering Seraph!

✨ Wyverndale’s ancient creatures are calling for your help in Second Life! The dragons face the threat of extinction, putting our world at risk of losing their magic. Only by finding the Lost Eggs and repopulating the dragon realm can we save them.

💫 Meet Opalithra, the Shimmering Seraph, adorned in opalescent white scales that shift in color, emitting an otherworldly glow. This ethereal dragon, draped in shimmering scales, unveils the path to its own essence, guiding seekers to discover the profound mysteries hidden within.

🐉 Unite in Second Life to discover the missing eggs! By hatching and nurturing your own mighty dragon, you contribute to preserving these noble beings and bringing magic back to our world.

🐲 How to Hunt
🚀 Hunt Start Area

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