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[Dope+Mercy]Display Board Set @ The Warehouse

[Dope+Mercy]Display Board Set @ The Warehouse

The77sim3 [Dope+Mercy] has added a photo to the pool:

[Dope+Mercy]Display Board Set @ The Warehouse

[Dope+Mercy]Note Stand Fatpack
[Dope+Mercy]Floor Note Board Fatpack
[Dope+Mercy]Display Stand Fatpack

∎5/6 color in 1 pack

∎Touch to enter text

∎Can be cleared

∎There are three types of permissions these include:
owner, group, and anyone.

∎The text is available in black and white.

∎The text is almost universal.

(Support is included for Japanese/Chinese, as well as many other languages and symbols.
It is not all-inclusive. There are some code pages that are missing.
It does cover the majority of characters that avatars use in Unicode enhanced display names.)

☑ Can Copy ☑ Can Modify

How to use :
Click go to video
Sell at
The Warehouse Sale Event

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