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Dahlia – Advent Mini Cakes

Dahlia - Advent Mini Cakes

Dahlia – June Fallon has added a photo to the pool:

Dahlia - Advent Mini Cakes

Dahlia – Advent Mini Cakes For the – MadPea Advent Calendar
❥ New Release ❥ Copy . Modify ❥ 100% Original Mesh

❥ Open Day two on the Calendar
❥ Comes with five flavors – Gingerbread, Eggnog, Sugarplum, Vanilla & Chocolate Mini cakes
❥ Each flavor comes with a cake stand dispenser that the glass cloche can be turned on and off with a touch menu
❥ Dispenses for left and right holds & comes with a custom made personal holds of the cakes. An extra mini cake of each flavor to Rez is included.
❥ Comes with a decor version of the cake in a box & a personal custom made bento hold for left and right hands
❥ An ornament name tags for each flavor is included in five different colors
❥ Each calendar is 500L filled with 25 surprises from various creators

❥ LM –

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