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Cyber Fair Vivarium Planter

Cyber Fair Vivarium Planter

Elicio Ember has added a photo to the pool:

Cyber Fair Vivarium Planter

Cyber Fair 2023 is open, and we’re so excited to bring you an amazing set of highly customizable decor which combines nature and machinery seamlessly.


The recent seismic event in our area was unexpected, and although it rattled the whole crew it opened the opportunity for new discoveries, as the earthquake collapsed the wall of a nearby hill, unveiling a previously unknown underground ecosystem. Amongst the surprising discoveries a new astounding symbiosis excited even our most inured researcher: A luminescent bio-mineral, shaped like curving stalagmites with symbiotic mushrooms growing throughout. Our nerdy crew quickly nicknamed it Dragon’s Teeth. This bacteria formed deposits glow softly which in turn attracts insects that deposit the spores of the mushrooms that grow in them, the mycelia network giving the bacteria an additional organic scaffolding. We took them back and deployed our planter-vivariums in the lab, though the crew insisted on decorating parts of the labs and even the ship with the striking new discovery. Some of the crew took the opportunity to deploy some empty ones around, waiting to be filled with new flora and fungi…. "Every home needs planters" they insisted.

United Earth Federation Beagle-2 Xeno-Ecology Research Craft
Commanding Officer Journal
Gliese Expedition


The Xeno Vivarium Planet Combo Set is designed to work as a standard planter. It comes in white & black, with animated panels and lights, 5 panels, cell colors with 10 light and 10 twinkle colors. The full version is 9LI, which can be further pared down with removable panels, support ribs, and top. An empty version of 7LI is also included in the package so you can use your own flora/fauna/other decor pieces. The control screen opens a customization menu and is operable by anyone, making it the perfect piece for role playing. As one of the most interactive piece which you can personalize in a myriad of ways, this set is one you shouldn’t pass up!

Open June 1-25

All sales are final; no refunds except for double purchases.

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