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[LiLiMD] Li Li's Monsta Designs has added a photo to the pool:


Development Kit for [LiLiMD] Collar System

Create your own collar designs to sell and use this system to give them functionality!

This will allow you to create collars with RLV scripts that you can sell to your own customers.

The installer is No Copy/Trans, But the Collar you create using it can be sold to other people!

This is perfect for mesh modellers who want to sell functioning RLV Collars!

Looking for a collar that will give full control? Look no further.

– Copy
– Lock/Unlock & Owner Menu
– Public/Private/Group Modes
– Leashing Options
– Large Variety of RLV Options
– RLV Relay
– Titler
– Animations
– Constant Updates and Support
– More to come…

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