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Clover – Druid ears

Clover - Druid ears

Kira alena has added a photo to the pool:

Clover - Druid ears

Coming to Equal10 on sept 10th here:

♥ Intro ♥

Druid ear decals for the nature lover. includes a little worms, vines, and ladybugs. Comes in rigs for lelutka evo x ELF EARS only.

♥ How to use ♥

1. Attach the druid ear to either the male, or female evo x head.

♥ Policy ♥

– If you need any help with your item, please contact: Needshealthsystem resident, as this is the best/fastest way to receive help.
– Gatchas are non-refundable/ exchangeable.
– We are not responsible for any issues with third party reselling of gatchas.
– Please watch demo videos (if available), try demos (if available), and read information about the product before purchasing, as there will be NO refunds for non-transfer items if you fail to do so.
– We do not under any circumstances respond to threats, or tolerate abuse of any kind towards staff.
– We will try our absolute best to help you with your issues, so be patient while we try to figure out whats going on.
– Unless stated, scripts will always be no-mod. The object itself might differ in permissions.

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