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Cedric Peacoat // TMD

Cedric Peacoat // TMD

// TORI TORRICELLI // has added a photo to the pool:

Cedric Peacoat // TMD

Brave the cold winds with the Cedric Peacoat!

Complete your look with items that fits Cedric perfectly;
✦Elliot Jeans
✦Harry Chukka Boots From BUTTERSCOTCH

Information on Cedric Peacoat:
✦ The Cedric Peacoat comes in 10 single packs.
✦ Fatpack comes with 14 pre-sets for the coat, 14 turtleneck colours, 14 button colours, 6 herringbone material and 6 cashmere material for the coat.
✦ Fits: Legacy, Belleza’s Jake, and Signature’s Gianni.

Available at TMD now.

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