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[Cat-Noodle] Maneki Neko Plushie @ Pride At Home: X-Mas Edition Sim! #Gift #Freebie

[Cat-Noodle] Maneki Neko Plushie @ Pride At Home: X-Mas Edition Sim! #Gift #Freebie

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[Cat-Noodle] Maneki Neko Plushie @ Pride At Home: X-Mas Edition Sim! #Gift #Freebie

Winter is almost here, and what better way to wrap up and enjoy the holidays than with a cute chunky little plushie that you can keep close to your heart?

These were our exact thoughts when we first put together this plushie, inspired by the iconic Japanese lucky cat and now available to all of you as a FREE GIFT over at the Pride At Home: X-Mas Edition Sim.

So, be sure to pick up your FREE copy as this plushie comes in both a decorative plus holdable version (one hand; two hands) for you to display at home or keep close to you as the precious little companion that it is.

Cheers, and happy holidays from all of us at Cat-Noodle! 💖


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As always, we can’t end a Cat-Noodle post without properly thanking our friends Alexandre + Mathilde De Cyriac from La Plume Store for creating the endearing static bento animations that complete this plushie set.

Many thanks also go out to Holly M’ Fyore, our precious and hardworking AD photographer, for always ensuring that our products are displayed to their full potential in every AD picture she takes for us!

And, of course, Tink Hax, who was gracious enough to offer us a gift-giver spot at the Pride At Home: X-Mas Edition. Thank you for thinking of us!

————- =^._.^= ————

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