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BLACK NEST / Bushin 6-seat SwingTable @FaMESHed

BLACK NEST / Bushin 6-seat SwingTable @FaMESHed

BLACK NEST has added a photo to the pool:

BLACK NEST / Bushin 6-seat SwingTable @FaMESHed

The outdoor swingtable is an innovative and inviting addition to any outdoor space, whether it’s a backyard, patio, or garden. It’s designed to accommodate multiple people for social gatherings, parties, or simply unwinding outdoors.

The centerpiece of the outdoor swingtable is its six swing seats arranged around a sturdy wooden table. Each swing seat is suspended by strong chains from a sturdy frame.

Included, as usual, there’s a HUD that offers for more types of woods to suit your decoration.

See it now at FaMESHed:

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