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Bella Pointe Rentals

Bella Pointe Rentals

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Bella Pointe Rentals

Dive into the extraordinary with Bella Pointe Skydomes, where you can craft a space that’s entirely your own. Enjoy the freedom to choose from a variety of textures for your land, rocks, and waterscape, and design a home that’s a true reflection of you — all in the peace of your own secluded haven. In our Skydomes, luxury is redefined; it’s your personal sanctuary where the sky is not the limit, it’s only the beginning.

★Skydome Features★
→Tailor-made landscapes for hassle-free customization. Optional trees and plants to suit your taste.
→Texture controls to personalize your dome’s sky, land, rocks, and water.
→Your own lagoon, not just for show but with a functional water system, including swim gear and jet skis.
→Gain more than 10 times more usable space than standard comparable parcels.
→No prim pollution, with no neighbours in sight within your dome you have nothing to ruin your view.
→Smooth, high-performance experience with professional lag monitoring.

★Large Skydome★
►47,143sqm with 2000 Prims for just L$1499/week.
Our large skydomes are the ideal choice for extended families or large groups of friends who desire to stay close while maintaining individual privacy and sharing expenses. They are equally suitable for ambitious projects such as farms, castles, or private role-playing settings, providing 11 times more space than parcels at comparable prices.

★Medium Skydome★
►24,052sqm with 1400 Prims at L$999/week.
Our Medium Skydomes strike the ideal balance between space and prims, tailored for those seeking enough space for a large home, while still leaving room for a generous private outdoor areas perfect for pets, gardening, or simply for decoration and relaxation. They are also a great fit for roommates eager to cohabit and share expenses, with enough room for each person to enjoy their own home and private areas—offering much more space than similarly priced land parcels.

★Small Skydome★
►11,309sqm with 700 Prims at L$499/week.
The ‘Small’ in our skydomes is a bit of a misnomer – with over 11,000 sqm at your disposal, they are the ideal choice for a private sanctuary. There’s plenty of room and prims to build your dream retreat, set amidst lovely gardens, with space to spare for a beautiful cozy home and a few furry friends. When it comes to space and prims, these skydomes offer a value that land parcels simply can’t match.

★Petite Skydome★
►7,853sqm with 300 Prims at L$249/week.
Our Petite skydomes may be small in name, but with 7,853 sqm, they are anything but small in space. Ideal for those just starting out on their virtual home journey or for individuals who find joy in a simpler setup, these domes provide the perfect place whatever the need. They’re cozy yet spacious, and in terms of affordability, land parcels simply can’t compare with the value offered by our Petite range.

★Visit our Rental Center to view our available properties★

★Looking For A Parcel?★
Bella Pointe also offers stunning oceanfront parcels that come with generous prim allowances to build your dream space! Our exclusive parcels come with a 50% Prim Bonus, starting from a cozy 2048sqm coastal spot with 937 Prims at only L$699 per week, to a spacious 4096sqm corner parcel boasting 1875 Prims at L$1299 per week.

For those seeking even more creative freedom, our 96% Prim Bonus Parcels offer an impressive 1224 Prims on a 2048sqm coastal plot for just L$799 per week, and up to a grand 2450 Prims on a 4096sqm parcel, with both coastal and corner options starting from L$1699 per week. At Bella Pointe, your perfect home is waiting for you, be it in the sky or by the sea.

★Visit our Rental Center to view our available properties★

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