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AsteroidBox. Serpent Boots @ Equal10!

AsteroidBox. Serpent Boots @ Equal10!

AsteroidBox – LeithDrew Resident has added a photo to the pool:

AsteroidBox. Serpent Boots @ Equal10!

Available at the Equal10 event from February 10th until March 5th

➤ Legacy Female
➤ Lara X
➤ Maitreya Lara
➤ eBody Reborn
➤ Belleza Jake
➤ Legacy Male

Sold as a fatpack of 12 color options.

HUD includes 4 changeable areas – the main boots, the boot sole, the straps and metal details

The metal details on the straps and sole only come in gold and silver, but the buckles and snake come in 5 metal options

Purchase also includes stockings shown in vendor, which are Maze Soft Thighs compatable but work with all bodies the boots are rigged for

High materials enabled – copy & mod

There is a demo available at the mainstore for trying before heading to the event.

After the event ends, item can be found at mainstore location

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