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AsteroidBox. Layering Fishnets

AsteroidBox. Layering Fishnets

AsteroidBox – LeithDrew Resident has added a photo to the pool:

AsteroidBox. Layering Fishnets

This months FLF release is a new Bakes-on-Mesh applier. These fishnet appliers are 50L for the initial release and for the duration of this weeks sale, and then after that they go to full price at the mainstore location.

Stop by before the event of this weeks sale at the AsteroidBox mainstore to grab the full set at just L$50!

These BoM appliers are unisex and include optimized pastie placement for male and female avatars. They come with two types of fishnet style (one with less holes and one with more holes) as well as layerable pasties and arm bands, plus a full version with everything on one applier.

Please try the demo to see how this fits your body as they are BoM appliers and not optimized for different body options.

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