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I would love to invite your store to work with us at Adventia Events. We host regularly monthly events.

Having had experience in producing and hosting events in Secondlife for over 9 years, I can safely say you are in good hands. Along with my business partner Hypatia who also has a vast range of knowledge in producing clean, professional events.

So the information….

Our Rates:
»»————- ★ ————-««
Normal Booth: 500L :: 30 Prims
Feature Booth with Blogged items: 2000L :: max 150 Prims

The dates of our event are 15th – 22nd of each month. You can apply here:

Please note we have done extensive research and our rates are in line with other events out there and we are on the lower side of this and still produce excellent events.

We ask for 1 exclusive at our events. Now this item does not have to be new but it just needs to be sold exclusively at our event for the duration of the event. We also ask for 1 item an this can be a separate item at 60L set to the Adventia group.

Why do we ask this?

Well we have found that having an exclusive helps draw customers to the event and the product, and having a discounted item can and does have the same effect.

We do hope you will consider joining us. If we have recently contacted you and you have declined, we hope you would reconsider and if you really aren’t interested please send a reply so we can log this so we do not keep losing IMS and will not contact you in the future.

Kind regards

Leilani Venus and Hypatia Aurelia

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