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::AMF:: Raven Stompers AD

::AMF:: Raven Stompers AD

After Midnight Fashion has added a photo to the pool:

::AMF:: Raven Stompers AD

██▓▒░░ ☠ ★ After Midnight Fashions ★ ☠ ░░▒▓██
Raven Stompers

Necrosis – Year of Decay
OPENS: July 31
CLOSES: Aug 21

It’s been a year since Necrosis has begun
A year that our rotting corpse has been left in the sun.
You can smell the stench of decay from miles away.
Across the graveyard, amongst the tombs
Await our dead with offerings for you.
Join us for our Deathday celebrations.

Fits: Maitreya, Slink, Belleza

Hud Info: 7 Designs and 6 solid textures and be mixed and matched to customize 7 faces on these stompers to create your own look.

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