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Adora-tions – Yippee Crazy Weekend Debut!

Adora-tions - Yippee Crazy Weekend Debut!

Adora Evergarden has added a photo to the pool:

Adora-tions - Yippee Crazy Weekend Debut!

We’ve been asked to participate in the Yippee Weekend Sale this weekend. We agreed to try it out and see how you, our loyal customers and VIPs, enjoy the event. As promised, more clothing! This week we have a Princess and Brat top in Hot Pink. I have several more of these little hearts that I designed for you. They were originally intended for tattoos but they didn’t quite work out because of the details in them. However, they worked great for these!

!MP Links!
Princess Top – Pink
Brat Top – Pink

Taxi: Adora-tions Ink Studio Inworld!

In-world prices are reduced compared to marketplace. You will also receive accumulating store credit for in-world purchases.

All tattoos are created by Princess Evergarden but any questions or concerns should be directed to Cole Evergarden.

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