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Adora-tions – Thigh Mixers Sale

Adora-tions - Thigh Mixers Sale

Adora Evergarden has added a photo to the pool:

Adora-tions - Thigh Mixers Sale

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to pick out your very own mix and match set of tattoos in-world! We offer a generous selection of different tattoos that you can use to show off your mood for the day! Feeling like Mistress’s Bunny? Show it off! Want to be Daddy’s Good Girl? We have that, too! Each tattoo is their own independent item, meaning you can choose from whatever options are available for each thigh!

Sale runs from 7/19/22 to 7/25/22, meaning that the sale is live now for 3 more days!

Taxi: Adora-tions Ink Studio Inworld!

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