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Adora-tions Secrets on the Secret Sale!

Adora-tions Secrets on the Secret Sale!

Adora Evergarden has added a photo to the pool:

Adora-tions Secrets on the Secret Sale!

This weekend we have another leaked set of documents about our newest releases on the Secret Sale!

!MP Links!
Beautifully Flawed – Collarbone(Unisex)
Adora-tions – Alternate Warr;or – Rib Cage(Unisex)
Adora-tions – Brat Thigh Mixer – Left
Adora-tions – Daddy’s Princess – Chest
Adora-tions – Don’t Be a Karen – Ribs(Unisex)
Adora-tions – Madness – Face (EvoX Only / Unisex)
Adora-tions – Princess Brat – Thigh
Adora-tions – Unnie Thigh Mixer – Left

Taxi: Adora-tions Ink Studio Inworld!

Sale starts Saturday 9/10 and runs until the following Monday. We look forward to seeing you all this weekend! <3

In-world prices are reduced compared to marketplace. You will also receive accumulating store credit for in-world purchases.

All tattoos are created by Princess Evergarden but any questions or concerns should be directed to Cole Evergarden.

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