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A work blog – Munch Munch Lunch

A work blog - Munch Munch Lunch

MistahMoose has added a photo to the pool:

A work blog - Munch Munch Lunch

I’ll keep it short:

This has been a very exciting project for me to work on. As I said before it is where I would love to move my store. However – that’s not to say it did not come without challenges.

I can’t say much on the scripting side, Other than its over 900 lines of LSL and so performance friendly I am shocked.. Journey Bunny is an amazing scripter.

For me, Finding that "look" that really fit what I wanted to achieve took so much effort. Then actually baking the textures out to fit was quite a struggle! Capturing that "lit but not overlit" plastic feeling was a huge tedium to overcome.

The rest of the work I did, sounds/graphics, weren’t as huge as a challenge as the mental barrier that I built up for myself.
As my first multi-part-complex scripted project the second challenge comes from.. "Dang was all that time we put in worth it?" Because creators really can’t "know" what’s going to do well or not. I -know- this is where I want to move my store, but if its not well received.. then would it even be worth attempting another game? It kind of puts you in a state of constantly idling and distracting yourself. I hope that it will be well received, and I will keep working hard at games and fun items.. as It IS what I want! I just have to find a balance..

I know this picture is a bit unprofessional, but I am quite rough around the edges. I will try to grow more this year 🙂

Thank you for all your support so far – I hope you enjoy the product and seeing the pictures of it in its most vulnerable state!

On to creating more entertainment~

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