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[777] Sundae77 Vintage Car

[777] Sundae77 Vintage Car

James Garrison (777 Motors) has added a photo to the pool:

[777] Sundae77 Vintage Car

?[777] Sundae-77 Vintage Car @ 2MUCH Event?:

Full version and 6 lite versions available!

Pretty looking vintage design with the following features:
? ACSv7 scripted, realistic sounds, 2 seaters with poses/animations
☀ Doors, hood & trunk openable with detailed engine
? Color options for two halves of the body in full version: 30+ presets and your own choices
☀ Detailed luggage with Show/Hide option
? Customizable license plate, realistic odo/speedometer
A lot more features!

Such a lovely car to drive with your friend or lover during weekend or holiday! <3

DEMO available @ mainstore:

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