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[misfit] Estates

[misfit] Estates

Melissa Voxel has added a photo to the pool:

[misfit] Estates

Such an unexpected venture.. but it’s growing in sims every week. (27 sims currently) Much love to the tenants that have been renting with me for the last 5-6 months. ♥ I cant thank you all enough.

Stop paying inflated prices for land in Second Life. Our prices are locked in when you start your rental. They will not change. Straight forward & affordable prices. With us, you simply get more prims per linden. We also have sail-able sims (8 sims currently). One new sim added to it every week.

Visit the website for current availability or visit the office and speak with an estate manager.

Private full sims also available for rent on request via order form in the office
Homesteads – 6999 weekly
20k Prim Sims – 14499 weekly
30k Prim Sims – 16899 weekly

10% automatic discount when you pay 4 weeks.
Avoid the fees of buying lindens and pay your tier via paypal
(Ask a manager for more info)

Misfit.Estate Website

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