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how to fix

how to fix

by Dolphin Ayres has added a photo to the pool:

how to fix

hello everyone and thanks again to LauraGenia Viper who helped to investigate this problem 💋 I finally wrote the ‘post’ about the default hairbase glitch and wanted to share it here too – maybe you wanna share that with other people too since this seems to be more of a problem now as some use BOM – it doesnt even have to do with BOM it happens with a normal applied mesh head too – the only reason this seems random is because of the eyebrow shapes that come with skins or shapes or heads normally the default hair base was just transparent most made sure that the hair base is already inside the head but some don’t because they just dont know… i mean we also tried to figure it out 😉 and it was pure coincidence that I saw it because SL was laggy (ha the first time this was useful) but yeah after googleing today i found that many others have stumbled across this issue and have no idea how to handle it – so whenever you see something like this you know what to share 😛 –

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