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[Enchante’] for Cupid Inc.

[Enchante'] for Cupid Inc.

.Ensorcelante | Enchanté. has added a photo to the pool:

[Enchante'] for Cupid Inc.

New Release ia associated with a romantic holiday this year.
You asked and we heard You! First male and female release in one. Mallory Boots – unisex shoes, everyone will find a bit of brutality in them. Monique Shoes for charming ladies. It’s impossible not to fall in love with them! We added a light animation of glittering stones.

Mallory Boots includes 5 options:

5 options
16 colors base
16 colors heel
16 colors sole
16 colors lace
16 colors plastic
Fitted for Maitreya-Legacy-Freya-Isis-Hourglass-Alice-Legacy Male, Jake, Gianni

Monique Shoes includes 6 options:
16 colors base I
16 colors base II
16 colors heel
16 colors sole
16 colors framing heart
16 colors heart
Material-Velvet+Light Leather.
Fitted for Maitreya-Legacy-Freya-Isis-Hourglass-Alice

Open: February 5

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