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Anniversary AD - Live!

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Anniversary AD

25% Sale of all and a gift for you ♥

Strange but true !
The first year is and I have learned so much and am happy that my store is now 1 year old is o /

I would like to thank a few people who have made a bumpy start with. Cat I would like to thank you especially thanks because you have my curse, couch and owl have endured and still have always made me courage not to give up and continue to make, even if we unfortunately then but separate ways have gone I am really very grateful ♥

Debbie, too, I thank you for supporting me for so long, I am more than just thankful ♥

Also thanks to meva who gave me small tips and gave some tricks, thank you also ♥

Also a big thank you would like to give to Cindy, she was the first to give me an event at a chance Suicide Dollz is my home and I am really super happy for the occasion with you to make THANK YOU Cindy ♥

Naturally also to my bloggers which are really great, many beautiful pictures and ideas on which I would never have come

and for the buyers there is a small gift, for a year’s support i hope u like it

For the future, I will learn more and also design more for other bodys, I hope you will accompany me for another year

best regards
XoXo Jill

Im sorry for my bad english i hope u can understand all what i say

TP here:…

Date posted: 9 September 2017 2:46 pm – Source Link Live!
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