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Wrap Mishap & Wrapping Bonker

Wrap Mishap & Wrapping Bonker

Nama Gearz [ Static ] has added a photo to the pool:

Wrap Mishap & Wrapping Bonker

@ Holiday Shop & Hop ~ December 1 – January 1

Tensions can rise during the holidays, tempers can flare, rational thought goes right out the window alongside the fruit cake. Sometimes being impaled by wrapping paper is just the unfortunate result…

This unrigged accessory comes with 7 different color options and is easily resizable. Two tattoos are included, for male and female avatars.

Also! This is a Shop & Hop event, so as tradition, every item in my booth is 20% off. OR free, in the case of my Wrapping Roll Bonker.

The Bonker has a single bonking animation and sound, activated on click. Right hand worn only! It also has 7 color options, clean of any blood or gore.

Mod / Copy / No Trans

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