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Winter Wonder Santa Outfit

Winter Wonder Santa Outfit

Cathyqt has added a photo to the pool:

Winter Wonder Santa Outfit

☆ Winter Wonder Santa Outfit

Description: An adorable cozy coat, designed to protect its wearer from the cold while keeping the cuteness bar high. Made in the north pole.

This set contains a variety of items from head to toes

☆ Santa Coat ( Main piece )
+ Winter Mittens

☆ Bunny Boots ! A warm & cozy boots with long decorated boots & socks

☆ Snowman Cookie ( Mouth Accessory )

☆ Long tights appliers to keep the cold wind at bay

☆ This outfit is rigged for Maiterya Lara only ( ran out of time and couldn’t rig for more )

☆ Copy & Mod

☆ This outfit require the use of Alphas which is done automatically, if it doesn’t trigger, simply adjust manually via the Maitreya hud.

☆ This outfit comes with various texture changing huds:

• Santa Coat Hud: Can change the color of the outfit up to 3 colors

• Bunny boots hud: Can change the color of the socks up to 3 stripped pattern colors.( can be mix & matched )
• Mittens hud: Can change the colors of the mittens up to 4 colors
※ Mittens are meant to be worn with this one specific outfit and not as a standalone item.

+ Tights Appliers: This applier allows you to pick one of the 3 tights colors to wear alongside your boots ( Red, Green, Black ). Recommended layer: Underwear layer.

That’s all for now, I hope you all like it !

Also there is 1 new gift item coming in soon in the Atelier Ymir store booth

As well as previous release Christmas/winter themed items for sale at a discounted price.

TP Link:

I hope you like this new cozy outfit and most importantly Merry Christmas & Happy holidays !

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