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Voice Petplayer App for @Little Heart

Voice Petplayer App for @Little Heart

LittleHeart // Lifestyle Lounge // SL Giveaways has added a photo to the pool:

Voice Petplayer App for @Little Heart

Please Apply Here:

I am searching for a masculine voice Petplayer- Kitten & Puppy players. I can’t say all the details, but I am looking for someone in the community to fill both the Kitten player and puppy player sounds. You will be paid in commissions FOR LIFE @ 5% of the sale price as well as a FULL copy of the finished release and a Giftcard to give to a friend of your choice to give them a copy of the release too. Keep in mind this is a release that will take extended amount of time, but you will be notified of updates as things progress and know of the release ahead of time. You may choose to remain anonymous as the voicer or you can have your name listed upon release.

If you know of someone who may enjoy this, feel free to share!

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