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Violetility – Wizarding Work

Violetility - Wizarding Work

Violetility has added a photo to the pool:

Violetility - Wizarding Work

Nine pieces make up the Wizarding Work Set, available now at Wizarding Faire 2021! The fatpack includes all of the items, or items can be purchased in low-cost mini packs. Each item is just 1Li or less! Mini packs include:

♥ Clocktower Table – a table inspired by a certain wizardly clock tower pendulum
♥ Dark Detectors – a “sneaky sphere” and an “enemy glass”
♥ Wandmaker Tools – woodworking tools on a rack, plus some wood in varying stages of being made into wands
♥ Core Bottles – four different bottle variants with labels for dragon, unicorn, phoenix, and werewolf ingredients


More info about these items and mini packs:…

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