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/Vae Victis – "Ave Maria" – Nighthunter's Rifle

/Vae Victis - "Ave Maria" - Nighthunter's Rifle

Grimoire Hexem has added a photo to the pool:

/Vae Victis - "Ave Maria" - Nighthunter's Rifle

"The girls and I, we can’t wait to introduce ya’ to mother."

Coming to Abnormality, August 7th.

The theme this time is desert/old west, which is a theme I adore, but it’s criminally under-represented in SL.
So we’ve channeled some Weird West energy to bring you this beautiful rifle, for all your demon hunting, monster slaying needs.*

*silver bullets not included.

The gun is a prop, that means it has no firing functionality, this might be updated in the future if enough people request it, but I make no promises. We want to keep our prices reasonable.

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