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[UPDATED] Dark aura particle V2.1 – 101L Event

[UPDATED] Dark aura particle V2.1 - 101L Event

boku wa sekai has added a photo to the pool:

[UPDATED] Dark aura particle V2.1 - 101L Event

Dark Aura Particle will be featured as a discounted product at 101L Event

101L Event is open until the 10th of October.

Dark aura particle Update 2.1:

For those of you who bought our Dark aura particle we have a little surprise for you.

We updating it to version 2.0 it will have custom colors that you can either choose from the existing colors or type in your vector color for the start color and end color, there will be an on and off button for the smoke and runes to people who wants to use just one of them or both of them.
[Fix 2.1] There was an issue where not all letters appeared but only one appeared, it is fixed now.

Price will change to 299L$ after the event is done so get it fast at :

Info will be given in the notecards, if you need to know how to use the new version feel free to contact Bokuwasekai Resident

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