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UC_Spider_net_Boots_All in 1

UC_Spider_net_Boots_All in 1

unitedcolorsofsl has added a photo to the pool:

UC_Spider_net_Boots_All in 1

United Colors has completed the sexy, spider net set with the thigh high platform boots! Find these slinky spooky boots at Kustom9 event starting October 15.
Spider Net Boots match the same 9 color set and the same wicked faceted effects are taken 1 step further on the boot HUD. Details are all in these boots, including the back zipper seam. You can customize this boot in 12 different ways and then 9 different toggling options. Check out the demo before you buy, ladies! It is haunting. The spider is sitting carefully on each toe, so watch where you step.
These original mesh boots fit both Legacy and Maitreya mesh bodies.

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