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Tville – Event Booth N16

Tville - Event Booth N16

Tville. has added a photo to the pool:

Tville - Event Booth N16

Booth for events. Can be adapted to display any product category. Available in two different packs (3 colors), plus a discounted fatpack (6 colors).
• Land Impact: 3 Li
• colors included (fatpack) – brown,beige, purple, lavender, rose, azure
• This is 100% original mesh
• LI will change if the object is enlarged
• default dimension 1 x 3 x 3
• You can change the size and proportions and copy the item, but there is no permission to transfer it.

Grab it on MP :

MP Link

Demo available on MP or in my mesh store

Tville Mesh Store Landmark

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