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. Toadstool . Mushie Hat (Group Gift)

. Toadstool . Mushie Hat (Group Gift)

Nori Veezlebub has added a photo to the pool:

. Toadstool . Mushie Hat (Group Gift)

☾ .Information . ☽
Ello, traveler! We are happy to announce the opening of our magical emporium, Toadstool! Here you will find all the supplies you need to continue your journey, including the most powerful spells, dapper outfits, and potent potions.

To celebrate, we are releasing our Mushie Hat as a group gift.
It’s a beautiful, handmade, and one-of-a-kind piece that will keep you toasty all winter. The hat is made with 100% wool and is lined with organic cotton. It is adorned with a bow, globby sparkles, and floaty sparkles for as globby and sparkly as ye wants to be.

☾ . Quest . ☽
Venture to our store and claim the Mushie Hat for your very own.
There is no charge – simply show our group tag as proof of your membership and click the painting.

☾ . Choices . ☽
⊹ unrigged
⊹ hudded
⊹ 10 mushroom variant colors to choose from (don’t eat the pink one)
⊹ 2 bow options
⊹ mod, copy, no transfer

☾ . Socials . ☽
♡ Market Place:… (If you wanna gift/purchase instead for 1 linden, you can as well!)
♡ Main Store: (Group Location as well!)
♡ Facebook:
♡ Twitter:
♡ Flickr:
♡ Discord: Noribyte#1999

Thank you very mush for reading,
aaand may the spores be with you!

Nori Veezlebub ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚ Nahck Veezlebub

"Aye! Tis a hat to make ye look like a proper mushroom, red an’ all!" cried the old merchant as he held up the hat for all to see. No one answered the Gelfling’s call, so he placed the hat back on his own head and huffed in exasperation.
Just then, a small voice called out from the crowd. "I’ll give you a gold coin for that hat, sir!"
The weary Gelfling’s face lit up with glee. "Ye have yourself a deal, lassie!" roared the merchant, handing the hat in exchange for a single gold coin.
The little hatchling who had bought the hat was thrilled with her purchase. She set it on her head and skipped away, humming a cheerful tune. Red mushroom caps dot the forest floor, their stems swaying in the gentle breeze. A whimsical sight, as they seem to beckon adventurers forth into the unknown.

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