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TMG – Floral Delight Poster

TMG - Floral Delight Poster

wiccaporium has added a photo to the pool:

TMG - Floral Delight Poster

Two Moon Gardens has a fantastic colour changing garden called Floral Delight worth 1500L. at Uber Treasure Chest this month.

Bring your friends, bring your family and check out this months event – opening today (3/5) at 5PM and running through the 25th 5 PM.

The value of this months chest is $33,000L – the first 48 hours the entry is only $L1900 Obviously after 48 hours the price will go up, fees listed below..

Here are all the links you will need for the event and images of the beautiful floral garden we are putting in the event.

Group Join Fees
JOIN EARLY – 5th – 7th March – first 48 hours – $L1,900
7th – 16th March – $L2,900
16th – 25th March – $L3900

[ Uber ~ Gallery] or @ [ Uber Website]

Opening at 5 PM Group join @ [secondlife:///app/group/c5827177-9866-c7b3-5881-bc124cd98f86/about/ Treasure Chest March Round]

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