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Timberline Village Outdoor Mall @ Pilantin

Timberline Village Outdoor Mall @ Pilantin

LunaMare Designs has added a photo to the pool:

Timberline Village Outdoor Mall @ Pilantin

A perfect place for you to establish or extend your brand in SL, beautifully decorated with cars and teleporters available to all visitors, this outdoor mall can enhance your product presentation, a limited number of beautiful stores with ample space, high performance, low lag and great music, all at a resonable cost for you to get started, along with free gadgets included!

Stores available for rent, starting at $150 per week with 150 LI allowance. Options up to 600 LI available (flexible).

All stores with its own landing point, parcel name, texture and media rights, SL search enabled. (full in-world presence)
Teleporter, cars, segway and banners around the common area available to all visitors. Sky box store extension allowed, any size as long as within store parcel or common area.

Free gadgets are provided on request for use within your store, such as greeter, visitor counter, group inviter, teleporter, marketing banner.

Available now!

Visit in-world, grab an information notecard at the kiosk or at the mall’s office.

Timberline Village
Timberline Main Office

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