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The Winter Shop n Hop is Open!

The Winter Shop n Hop is Open!

Elicio Ember has added a photo to the pool:

The Winter Shop n Hop is Open!

It’s December and that means the Annual Winter Shop n Hop is open! 12 regions! TWELVE! REGIONS!! Of discounted items and free gifts from the best creators and designers in SL! It’s open from December 8, 2021 till January 2, 2022 so there’s time to get there – but don’t wait too long! There’s a lot of shopping to do and the regions are filling up daily!

At the Cerridwen’s Cauldron store you’ll find Crystal Groundcover in Frost, Winter Underbrush (everyone’s favourite), the Norse Brazier and our Fungal Underbrush all 20% off! We also have our Snow Star Bush, our adorable Tinderlings (Series One Pack/Boreal Two Pack/Forest Two Pack/Mushroom Pack – each include a normal and Tiny avatars) and our Crystal Hearts Slim, Mini and Fatpacks ALL at 60% off! Plus an adorable Plushie Free Gift!

Take the taxi below and pick up your gift and check out all the amazing sales!

Happy Shopping, y’all! ♥

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