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The Medieval Carriage

The Medieval Carriage

Del-ka Aedilis has added a photo to the pool:

The Medieval Carriage

NEW for We love role-play event, June 4 – 28:

The medieval carriage is intended for travel role-playing scenes.

Up to nine avatars can be seated and participate in the scene: six passengers in the carriage, two on the coachman’s seat in the front and a servant or maid can still be accommodated in the back with the luggage.

All animations have been carefully selected to support your travel roleplaying. Some animations come with props, such as a map or a chalice. When someone takes a seat in the coachman’s seat, reins and a driving whip appear as props.

The carriage is not a moving vehicle, instead it is a static object for creating a roleplay scenario. The door can be opened and the interior is lovingly designed with luggage racks, small candle holders, a table and comfortable leather seats. The fully extended carriage with two harnessed horses has a land impact of only 19 prims.

Original Mesh
advanced lighting enabled
copy, mod
version with & without horses included
deco only version included
animations & props for 9 avatars/characters
kool door

NEW and with 25% off for We love role-play event in June

There is a tp to the demo area, where you can test all animations.

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