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The Designer Outlet February APPLICATIONS OPEN!

The Designer Outlet February APPLICATIONS OPEN!

Starlet.Whimsy has added a photo to the pool:

The Designer Outlet February APPLICATIONS OPEN!


The Designer Outlet February Applications

The Designer Outlet is a monthly discount event that offers shoppers the chance to purchase items from their favorite Creators at 50% off the normal price. Creators are given booth space at the event and are able to add both new and old releases at their discretion. The opens on the 7th of every month and ends on the 28th.

The event is marketed utilizing the BellaTECH Subscriber list which currently boasts over 76,000 members and through our two customer groups the largest of which currently has over 19,000 members. In addition to our in world marketing campaigns the event is promoted via the BellaTECH Nation website which garners over 48,000 page views per week. Our social media promotions include promoting the event to over 45 different SL Facebook groups and over 140 different SL related Flickr groups. Our team works hard to ensure the best possible exposure for our Creators.

If interested please take a moment to read over the Creators guide below. Applications will remain open until 11:59PM SLT on the 13th. If you have any questions please contact Starlet Whimsy

Creators Guide:


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