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"The Biltmore" Waistcoat & Trousers + December 2021 Update

"The Biltmore" Waistcoat & Trousers + December 2021 Update

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"The Biltmore" Waistcoat & Trousers + December 2021 Update

In anticipation of "The Biltmore II" Three Piece Suitt released yesterday, I took the time to update a set I did in May of this year., complete with brand new mesh, textures, details, and rig.

Gentlemen who have previously purchased this set will be pleased to know that a free update is on the way. If you can’t wait, or if the delivery happened to miss you, you can request one manually by heading to the shop and looking for the Redelivery plaque at the front desk.

The Biltmore is L & Co.’s second ensemble in the menswear lineup. Featuring a classic cut plain front waistcoat with silk belted back and four pockets. Straight cut fishtail back trousers (really, you should see the back of these trousers without the waistcoat, it’s authentic!) with a cuffed hem: no breaks, just the way trousers are meant to be worn. Club collared shirt and a simple but timeless silk tie.

The Biltmore Waistcoat & Trousers comes fitted for Legacy and Jake bodies. Single packs are sold per trouser material and color (20 to choose from). Each one includes a sampler HUD with 5 base shirt options. The other options, such as collars, ties, and metals, are all included in this HUD as well.

You may choose to purchase an Additional Shirt Pack (available in two packs, Plain and Striped) to add variety to your ensemble. Each shirt pack includes all 13 shirt colors in either plain or striped versions.

Lastly, the Full Pack includes all of the above. All Tweed and Check variations are included in the Full Pack with additional options to change the color of the back panel, as well as both Additional Shirt packs.

Please exercise smart shopping and try a demo before purchasing. Demos are available at the event venue and at the front of our shop location as well.

As always, we hope you enjoy.

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