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Tartarus Infernal

Tartarus Infernal

Nama Gearz [ Static ] has added a photo to the pool:

Tartarus Infernal

@ Abnormality: Mythos ~ May 7 – 28

In the deepest recesses of the Underworld you’ll find the prisoners of those smited by the gods, Titans and shunned gods alike. Tortured souls in the fiery pits of the ancient mythical hell, Tartarus.

This tail is animesh only and comes with a frame animated flame with particle-like sparks flying around it. These sparks can be tinted via HUD, and the emitted light from the tail can also.

The flames themselves have 20 color options that blend with the cracks and glow on the chain links of the tail.

As for animations, the tail has 6 swishing options, 4 still poses, 1 pose for sitting and a walk, run and flying animation.

It currently only comes in the single size (there is a demo) but I do plan on adding more sizes for larger avatars in the near future!

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