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TAMAGO – YUUL OUTFIT @ Hongdae Event *Give-Away*

TAMAGO - YUUL OUTFIT @ Hongdae Event *Give-Away*

Uncle Tamago has added a photo to the pool:

TAMAGO - YUUL OUTFIT @ Hongdae Event *Give-Away*

Hello everyone! Coming this January 26th at Hongdae Event also another GIVE-AWAY! This time it’s for the boys now.

Link to Give-Away:…

TAMAGO – YUUL OUTFIT (Sweatshirt and Pants)
Fits: Legacy M / Jake / Gianni

Hongdae LM coming this Jan 26th:

-8 norm colors to choose inner shirt has 5 textures
-8 norm colors to choose on pants
-4 more added options on Fatpack + the pants has a mix and match version on the fatpack

Good luck and Thank you for supporting TAMAGO

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