Second Life News March 3, 2023 by

Utopia / Milky Blush & Shine @Farmer's Market(L$80)

Miu ♡ Utopia Skins has added a photo to the pool: For this round of Farmer’s Market, I created an make-up set that includes blush & shine! It’s fully tintable, both highlights and blush. The shines comes with mirror versions, […]

Second Life News January 23, 2021 by

‘Milky’ Collection has added a photo to the pool: ‘Milky’ Collection @ #SoKawaiiSundays – 65L promo This collection includes: • Resizable bag with 2 holding poses included; • The bag is available in 8 color options and 4 metal options (HUD); […]

Second Life News December 14, 2020 by

The Little Branch – Dracaena Milky Way – The Mens Dept

the.littlebranch has added a photo to the pool: Introducing the new potted Dracaena Milky Way!! This epic houseplant is well suited for any space in your home. The gorgeous leaves are reminiscent of a star filled Milky Way, hence the […]

Second Life News September 10, 2020 by

[ bubble ] Milky Bottle

::: insanya ::: & [ bubble ] has added a photo to the pool: ? New @ The Kawaii Project! ? For more info check our Blog or Facebook Source link