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Spookzilla Applications Open

Spookzilla Applications Open

AlterEgo-SL has added a photo to the pool:

Spookzilla Applications Open

Applications are open for anyone interested in participating in the 10th Annual Spookzilla Hunt! Please read carefully over the requirements and expectations for designers. I am VERY strict about the hiding policy and will remove anyone who doesn’t follow directions! This is a fine oiled machine and I am ready to revive this dusty bitch from the depths of hell and reap havoc in this community once again!


See our FB page for past hunts / traffic and prizes. Bookmark this page, as it will be your lifeline throughout the hunt!

You might be new to me, but I am not new to this! I am excited and ready to blow the roof off this mofuckerrrrr !!!! LFG SL!!!

Spookzilla has been Sim Hunt of the Year via the Huntie Awards 3 times in a row! Amongst several other awards such as Hunt Organizer of the Year and Theme Hunt of the Year! She is no newby bitch, we make waves! I hope you join in on the fun this year because there will be no other quite like it!………

SpookyZ life
Packed or nah?

Toxxic Rhiannyr

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