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Space Watch FullSet

Space Watch FullSet

Moon Soul has added a photo to the pool:

Space Watch FullSet

This backdrop "SPACE WATCH" comes with 33 poses and can be used by up to 2 sitters.
Single / Couple

Special Feature:
– Lighting System
– Picture Changer

It can be rezzed on the floor and consumes 121Li and is C / M / nT

The building contains AVsitter 2.2 for easy handling of the poses it contains. Press "Adjust" to adjust a pose.
Sit on the boat to get the menu.

The "SPACE WATCH" you will find at the La Vie En Pose event SL inworld from July 16 to July 30 2021.

During the event, you can buy it with a 25% discount!

If the event is over you can buy it in our SL inworl M-BdP Main Store

BTW: Check out our M-BdP flickr group for more products and photos of them

Have fun with our product 🙂

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