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S&P Maggie Denim

S&P Maggie Denim

Salt Peppermint has added a photo to the pool:

S&P Maggie Denim

Day 24 and therfore the last day of the S&P Advent Calendar 2021 just went live!

it brings you an often asked for and now fully updated brand new denim version of your favortie Maggie pants as a FATPACK including 10 different denim + 4 lace colours

sizes: Lara / Lara Petite / Legacy / Legacy Perky / eBody Reborn

group membership required

advent gifts are only available on their set date. Clothing gifts can be purchased after for 99 LS until Jan 1st, (group members only) then they will be gone for good.

this clothing gift makes an exception as it will be out for regular sale after Jan1, for regular S&P prices

on this note
I want to thank everyone so so much for all your constant support & motivation. Without all of you , none of this would be possible. <3
I wish everyone and their beloved ones a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays<3


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