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Soul-Chain Blades @The DarknesS Event

Soul-Chain Blades @The DarknesS Event

shard.storedesigns has added a photo to the pool:

Soul-Chain Blades @The DarknesS Event

Hello Guys!
Here is our new product for @The DarknesS Event

▲ Soul-Chain Blades ▲

⚠ Bento version is rigged to pelvis.
⚠ Animesh version also included. you’d need an animesh viewer to view it correctly.
⚠ !NOTE: Animesh you can move this item but you can’t scale it.

▶ Features:
▹Avatar attachment
▹100% original mesh & design
▹High Quality textures
▹Control Hud / Texture HUD
▹5 Stand animations/ 1 Walk animation

You can find the item on The DarknesS Event -> July 5th!
{In case of any issues or questions please contact Gracorexus or VectorWhite inworld}

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