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Sneak peek – Zooby Animesh Cat

Sneak peek - Zooby Animesh Cat

Carrie Tatsu // Zooby has added a photo to the pool:

Sneak peek - Zooby Animesh Cat

Wanted to share some news about what is behind the scenes at Zooby.. We are working on the following:
Zooby Animesh Cat – Will be the most incredible on the grid.
Baby Plush Toy – Will allow your baby to crawl, walk and fly with the plush.
Newborn Clothing – Meshes that have been made for your baby are now being rigged for your newborn.
Additional Kits – Tub Kit and (possibly) Closet Kit.
Monkeys – Top secret (will share more as we develop).
Here is a sneak peek of the kitty!

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